Help Make Democracy

Breaking through two party politics
During an election cycle we tend to focus on where candidates disagree, but the points they agree on are where voters don't get a choice. A majority of candidates agree on undermining civilian oversight of our government. We are a collective of voters that aim to fix this by taking away their power every two years. We don't choose between candidates. We decide whether to keep our current elected officials in office with three simple measurements.

If they fail to measure up, we vote them out.
How We Operate
With your donations, we are going to fund analysis of candidates coming up for re-election. For the candidates that don't measure up, we are going to actively campaign against them in their districts. We will canvas for contact information and send out voting suggestions ahead of elections, we will run advertisements against candidates in their districts, and we will engage with the voting population through social media

Most non-profits aren't legally allowed to influence elections. We are different. We are a 527 political non-profit, the same type of non-profit candidates use to raise money. This means we aren't stuck sharing information and funding lawyers in courts, we can campaign against candidates. In other words, we are different because we can actually say vote them out.
Our Mission
End Mass Surveillance
Our government is actively breaking its own laws. Our elected officials have made holding the government accountable to its own laws illegal. Elected officials need to decriminalize holding our government accountable.
Break the Two Party Duopoly
Our elected officials have systematically created an unofficial two party system. Picking a "third party" candidate is widely considered a throw-away vote. Elected officials need to create a richer ballot system to give voters a true choice over their candidates
Stop Big Money Politics
Courts have created structures that allow corporations and individuals to spend unlimited resources on elections. Our elected officials need to get large donors out of Washington.
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